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Laura Anderson

Creator and Director

Laura Anderson is a renowned Latin dancer and innovator who has made a significant impact on the world of dance. She became a World Salsa Champion in 2012 and is considered one of the leading Latin dancers in Australia.

Throughout her career, Anderson has accomplished many impressive feats. She is the creator of the popular dance production, Salsa - the Show, which has received critical acclaim from audiences around the world. In addition to this, Anderson has also appeared on numerous dance TV shows, including So You Think You Can Dance, where she has showcased her exceptional talents and skills.

She is widely recognized as an innovator and pioneer in the dance community. Her unique approach to salsa has inspired many dancers around the world to experiment with the genre, and her contributions have helped to make salsa one of the most popular dance styles today.

Overall, Laura Anderson is a talented and accomplished dancer who has left an indelible mark on the world of dance. Her passion, creativity, and dedication to her craft continue to inspire others and make her a respected figure in the dance community.

Elka Eidelman


Elka is a dynamic entrepreneur, community builder, and devoted mother of two young boys, born in Melbourne, Australia. She has a diverse background in performing arts, gymnastics, and over 15 years of dance experience. In 2008, Elka discovered Salsa and it quickly captured her heart and became her passion.

In 2013, Elka established LocoMojo Dance, a thriving street Latin social dance school that quickly gained recognition throughout Australia. Her dedication and hard work paid off, as LocoMojo Dance has become a leading institution in the Australian dance community.

Elka's talent and experience have earned her numerous opportunities to teach and perform at prestigious corporate events and festivals around the country. She has also been instrumental in organizing and promoting some of Melbourne's most popular Salsa events, cementing her reputation as a leading figure in the Salsa scene.

Elka's energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and her commitment to sharing her passion for dance with others has inspired countless people to take up this exciting and vibrant art form. She is a true force of nature, and her dedication to her family, community, and craft is an inspiration to all who know her.

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Stefania Serna

Music Producer

Stefania Serna is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter. Drawing on the traditional Salsa genre of her hometown Cali in Colombia, she uses urban production to create a fresh, contemporary sound. Stefania has had success in her 20-year career as a singer with other artists and has recently made the transition to writing and recording her own music. 

Since moving to Australia in 2012, Stefania’s performance work has included performance and collaboration with Chukale, Calle Luna, Queen of Hearts and Grammy Award-winning Mayito Rivera. Stefania is currently part of the lead vocals of Zona 7, a new Salsa & Cumbia Latin Band in Melbourne.

In 2021 Stefania teamed up with eclectic producer Leo Guardo and Orianna (Sony Music Mexico) to deliver “Igual”, a new passionate and captivating song with a genuine invitation to think unitedly. Additionally, Stefania was part of the production, arrangement, and composition of “Memories” the first album of Queen of Hearts.

Her latest milestone was her debut in September 2022 as a Music Producer of “Salsa The Show” -A Theatre style show that explains the history of Salsa through dance and music.

Mario Acosta Cevallos

Choreographer and Dance Captain

Choreographer and Dance Captain

Mario Acosta-Cevallos is a highly accomplished and sought-after dancer, coach, and instructor, known for his captivating and technical performances in various dance styles. Born in Edmonton, Canada in September 1993, Mario's Latin heritage instilled in him a love for dance at an early age.

Mario's passion for dance led him to refine his techniques in various styles, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, ballroom, and salsa. He trained with renowned coaches such as Billy Fajardo, Tito Ortos, Tamara Livolsi, Anya Katsevman, Rodrigo Cortazar, John Narvaez, Liz Rojas, Jennifer Izquierdo, and many others. His talent and dedication earned him ten World Salsa Championship titles and an international reputation as an all-around performer.

In 2013, Mario founded and directed SalsaVitus dance company and went on to join LocoMojo Dance in Melbourne, Australia in 2018. He continued to compete at an international level and taught workshops at various events worldwide. In recent years, Mario has expanded his reach into the commercial dance industry, performing in productions such as Matador the Show Original Cast, Matador - The National Tour, Crown Casinos Entertainment, and Natscha Bessez Australian Tour.

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